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Cigar Review- Joya de Nicaragua (JDN) Antaño 1970, Belicoso (6” x 54)

PRODUCT: Joya de Nicaragua (JDN)  Antaño 1970, Belicoso (6” x 54) Product Background (History, Process, Value): This cigar is a wonderful work of art.  Full bodied and rich tasting.  Having had the joy of touring the JDN factory in Esteli, each time I light up I recall that visit.  If it’s not obvious, I’m a fan!  This cigar is well-constructed …

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Cigar Review- Cohiba “Red Dot”

PRODUCT:    Cohiba “Red Dot” COLOR:  WRAPPER:   CONSTRUCTION: BURN:   AROMA: TASTE: Even Smooth Double-wrap Head Even Pleasant Smooth            Before Lighting: This was my …

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Drew Estate Cigar Safari

We began our search for a cigar factory tour last fall.  Drew Estate popped onto our radar when we read …

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Welcome to the Blog of 1bourbon1scotch1smoke

Welcome, Friends!  We are two whisky-loving, cigar-savoring guys, Felix and Frank, who share much in common—a deep friendship, professional successes, …

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Off to Nicaragua!

FELIX AND FRANK — ON THE ROAD TO…NICARAGUA!!! Just like the classic Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movie series, this shall be …

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Bourbon Review: Elijah Craig, 18 Year

PRODUCT: ELIJAH CRAIG, 18 Year Taster: Frank Product Background (History, Process, Value) EJ-18 was a splendid find for Felix and …

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Scotch Review: Glen Grant 10-year

Scotch Review: Glen Grant 10-year Taster: Felix I discovered Glen Grant while visiting friends in Forres, Scotland (east of Inverness).  …

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Cigar Review: Fortress by Carlos Toraño, Double Toro (6×50)

CIGAR REVIEW: Fortress by Carlos Toraño, Double Toro (6×50)                       …

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Cigar Review- Tabak Especial, Toro Dulce (6×52)

PRODUCT: TABAK ESPECIAL, Toro Dulce (6×52)Before Lighting: Loose, open foot. A wee bit veiny. A delightful aroma all along the …

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